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The urban jungle. An opportunity to create a space that removes the concrete walls and the paved alleyways of the city. Move your mind to a spot that feels cozy and vast at the same time. With our architectural knowledge and intelligent use of materials, plants and irrigation, we can transform a terrace, balcony or garage rooftop into an expansion of your home. Imagine all the amenities of a suburban setting—planters filled with prairie grasses waving in the breeze, a pergola-covered outdoor dining room, cozy seating with a fire feature to watch the sun rise or maybe set—in a space above it all.

Whoever gets home from work first picks the bottle of wine, grabs two glasses and a snack from the pantry and snags the rooftop couch. The couch faces west. Prime seating for the sunset.
Autumn Ridge Land and Site Design
Lawn maintenance

Autumn Ridge provides lawn mowing, lawn treatment, and shrub trimming. We take care of lawn and property maintenance all over Chicagoland.

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Snow removal

During snowy weather, we will work from midnight through the morning to clear snow and allow everybody to get to work and school on time.

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